Specific Inventory — Véronique Bourgoin, Joël Leick, Matt Lipps



Specific Inventory
Véronique Bourgoin, Joël Leick, Matt Lipps

Past: November 8 → December 20, 2014

Véronique Bourgoin questions the viewer about art’s place and role as well as the evolution of communication space in our daily life, our existence, in an installation which, in the manner of a large photographic collage, stages the ‘salon’ as a metaphor of the private space. Véronique Bourgoin is inspired as well of the salon of the XVIIe century as her own salon history, and made it transportable and transformable, in an installation which shows, for this exhibition, her works mixed with black hole, as gaps of the space-time which invite collectors, artists, amateurs to reveal new works.

In 2007, Joël Leick began photographing the industrial sites of Fond-de-Gras and the Lasauvage pit head. Without the slightest nostalgia, the artist crisscrosses these abandoned places listening to their history and delivers a series that is both modest and sensitive. Locomotives, tanks, rails, baskets are isolated by the lens then made monumental, letting a strange and unsuspected beauty be glimpsed. Joël Leick’s photographic works have subsequently integrated other techniques such as the collage, contrasting artificial elements from daily life by using natural settings photographed by the artist.

For the Library, launched in 2013, the American photographer Matt Lipps took his inspiration from a set of 17 thematic works, Library of Photography, published between 1970 and 1972 compiling thousands of black and white photos principally taken from the archives of Life Magazine. Once selected, the artist places them individually on glass shelves arranged on a backdrop of a 35mm negative, recolored and heavily saturated, then photographs the whole.

Cédric Oldache
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