Specter — Things Change


Drawing, painting, performance

Things Change

Past: June 24 → July 23, 2011

Specter captures moments of Brooklyn street life for his first Paris show, Things Change. Vastly diverse places and cultures are juxtaposed in the paintings to document ever-changing urban spaces in New York City. People, streets and storefronts highlight what is left-over as change creeps into neighborhoods and ultimately conquers.
Each piece is hand-drawn, painted, carved and made with collaged found materials. Specter uses street applications like stenciling and pasting to maintain continuity with his public work.

Gabriel Specter is internationally known for precise street art installations that revitalize forgotten environments. Taking an anthropological approach to his subject matter defines Specter’s aesthetic. His striking paintings and sculptures document change, celebrate the marginalized and ultimately act as monuments to common urban experience.
Specter’s work is as much about the piece as it is about where it is placed. Meticulous collection of found materials, devoted scouting and renegade tactics allow the Brooklyn-based artist to interact with the landscape in unprecedented ways. Specter specifically chooses the environments for his work and it often evolves to reflect the chosen location. Neighborhood, people, histories and characteristics like architecture, advertisements and local businesses are all factors in that influence.
Specter rarely works in multiples and is among the first to hand-draw, paint and sculpt his street work. He feels that one of a kind work honestly reflects and pays tribute to the subject matter. Because of his efforts we see a trend in hand-touched and hand-painted street art today. Having created works in cities like New York, London, Paris, and St. Petersburg his style and commitment are recognized worldwide.

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