Stephan Breuer — Cosmic Horizon



Stephan Breuer
Cosmic Horizon

Past: October 14 → December 1, 2015

Cosmic Horizon

Stephan Breuer explores in this video the intimate relationships between material and immaterial reality.


Stephan Breuer, born in France, 1975, is a conceptual artist.

Nourished by the American Minimalism, his emerging practice consists in creating points of departure to transcend materiality. In Stephan Breuer‘s language every space, architecture, object, behaviour, vibration, is a signal, a semiotic resource. These multiple signals are unified to become archetypes thus abolishing the boundaries of Space and Time between the potentiality of a concept and its apparition in reality.

Breuer’s works has led to international creative collaborations with architects, engineers, designers and artists in the realisation of his conceptual works. A disruptive practice that involves no studio, no internal team, no material tools except the sole use of a phone and a computer that concentrates all of his research and communication.

Stephan Breuer speaks at the intersection of science, philosophy and religion.



Etoile La Pagode

57 bis rue de Babylone, Paris 7

Du 11 au 27 octobre 2015


Etoile Saint Germain

22 rue Guillaume Apollinaire, Paris 6

Du 28 octobre au 10 octobre 2015

Les films


Etoile Lilas

Place Maquis du Vercors, Paris 20

Du 25 novembre au 1 décembre 2015

Les films

This event takes place in 3 venues
07 Paris 7
06 St Germain
20 Paris 20


  • Zoom Cinéma Etoile Pagode
  • Zoom Cinéma Etoile Saint Germain
  • Zoom Cinéma Etoile Lilas

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