Steven Tabbutt — Overture (part 1)


Drawing, painting

Steven Tabbutt
Overture (part 1)

Past: June 24 → July 12, 2014

Overture (part 1) is the third solo exhibition by New York artist Steven Tabbutt at Galerie Yukiko Kawase presenting a new body of artworks around the theme of music, film, drama, fantasy novel, and historical society portrait.

Combining classical painting and drawing, Steven’s work of rare dramatic intensity finds its roots in the aesthetic and narrative of fairy tales, legends and mythology. It reflects a strange and transient reality in which opposes the fantasy of protected childhood to the lost illusions of corrupted adulthood. It’s a troubling mixture of realism and idealization, of pure innocence and deep consciousness of an emergency of eschatological order.

Upcoming in september : Overture (part 2) with some additional new works and those from earlier years.

Born in 1978 in Maine USA, lives and works in NYC. Graduated from The Savannah College of Arts and Design in Georgia in 2002 and from the SVA in NY in 2006. He works as an illustrator for several major medias such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Playboy etc. He has been participating in numerous group shows in New York as well as in Paris, Brooklyn, London or Tokyo. His first solo show took place in Paris at the Gallery Yukiko Kawase in 2009. Steven also participated in several lectures and talks, won some excellence awards including a silver medal of Society of Illustrators Annual.

  • Opening Saturday, June 28, 2014 11 AM → 6 PM
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  • Steven Tabbutt