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Suling Wang

Past: September 5 → October 26, 2013

“If there is one central idea in all my paintings it is the idea of a reality, which is continually in a state of flux or dissolution, fragmenting and then becoming whole, before falling apart again.”

Suling Wang.

Suling wang d0313 untitled 2012 76x57cm ink and acrylic on paper original 1 original medium
Suling Wang, Untitled D0313, 2013 Acrylique sur papier — 76 × 57 cm

The geography of Taiwan is a recurring theme in Suling Wang’s paintings and her depictions are influenced by oral traditions and Daoist philosophy she experienced as a child in rural upbringing. The artist equates the dynamism of her work with forces of change that began with the industrialization of her native country. Notions of permanence, impermanence, flux and transformation in nature are the central preoccupations of Suling Wang’s work. In herp paintings, an engulfing downpour or waterlogged world is sometimes depicted, representative of a place in a state of dissolution, continually being changed by environmental forces. The images appear to fragment as quickly as they emerge and become either strangely dislocated like shards left behind by a tide or floating as cultural debris.

Suling Wang’s layers of Eastern and Western imagery and techniques explore her sense of uncertainty relating to her identity within several cultures. Thus, by employing sweeping strokes of color, shattering forms, battalions of marks, drips and figurative elements, Suling Wang creates paintings that refer to several cultures and suggest mistrust of any single version of events.
Above the lake oil on canvas 2012 152x127cm original medium
Suling Wang, Above the lake, 2012 Huile sur toile — 152 × 127 cm — one piece Courtesy of the artist & Inception Gallery, Paris

Suling Wang was born and grew up in rural Taiwan. She moved to London in 1993, studied fine art at Central St. Martins, before completing a master’s degree in painting at the Royal College of Art in 1999. The artist lives and works in London, England. Her work has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions worldwide.

Suling Wang will be participating with Inception Gallery at Scope Basel 2013.

  • Opening Thursday, September 12, 2013 6 PM → 9 PM

    En présence de l’artiste, du Directeur du Centre Culturel de Taiwan et de la presse.

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