Sun Yuan & Peng Yu — Dear



Sun Yuan & Peng Yu

Past: September 12 → November 9, 2013

Galerie Perrotin present the exhibition Dear by Sun Yuan & Peng Yu gathering a film — If I die — four installations, three of which are monumental — Teenager Teenager, Spilling out, Dear and If I die.

Their works come across as provocative takes on complex issues of our contemporary era. Although they are among the most controversial artists in China — with a style marked by a poignant and disturbing hyperrealism — their installations express a vision of the human condition set in the modern world. Using human fat, rubbish or live animals, parodying figures of powerful leaders, their works are so many challenges to value systems, socially conditioned prejudices, and the ambiguous relations between East and West. While their “all-powerful machines”, characterised by their technical virtuosity, act as metaphors for a consumer society that has lost its way.

With dark humour, they intensely probe life and death in strange, destabilizing situations. Generating a different disquiet so as to better overcome the existing one.

As part of the Galerie Perrotin’s 25th anniversary, lille3000 is hosting at Gare Saint Sauveur, the exhibition by Sun Yuan & Peng Yu, Le Coup du Fantôme, curated by Jérôme Sans.

Emmanuel Perrotin – Saint Claude Gallery Gallery
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The artists

  • Sun Yuan & Peng Yu