Installation, painting, sculpture, sound - music...


Past: February 16 → 23, 2014

Bearing on the challenges raised by trying to free oneself of gravity and inertia, this exhibition has been designed in the image of the works of architecture or the large ships which are named “superstructures”. Used in the singular, “superstructure” is a term which defines the moral, religious and artistic order of society: symbolic power in general.

  • Opening Saturday, February 15, 2014 6 PM → 10 PM
Le 6b Independant
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6-10 quai de Seine

93200 Saint-Denis

T. 01 42 43 23 34

Basilique de Saint-Denis

Opening hours

Monday – Friday, 2 PM – 6 PM
Ouverture de l’accueil. Pour les événements voir les horaires dans le descriptif des événements.

Admission fee

Free entrance

The artists

  • Cyril Aboucaya
  • Nadia Agnolet
  • Edgar Guilmoto
  • Florence Girardeau
  • Julie Fruchon
  • Benjamin Bruneau
  • Cédric Landivaux
  • Julien Pelloux
  • Laurent Dibiase