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Past: September 14 → December 16, 2018

Karl Burke, Alan Butler, Caroline Campbell & Nina McGowan (Loitering Theatre), Declan Clarke, Teresa Dillon, Willie Doherty, Benjamin Gaulon, John Gerrard, Irina Gheorghe, Allan Hughes, Roseanne Lynch, Colin Martin, Lorcan McGeough, Jim Ricks, Ian Wieczorek, Donovan Wylie

Since the beginning of the 20th century, surveillance and spying capacities have accelerated in line with technological advances. Now, at a time when the world is waking up to what is at stake, the Centre Culturel Irlandais is exhibiting work by seventeen artists who investigate both the visible and invisible mechanisms in operation: photographers Karl Burke, Willie Doherty, Roseanne Lynch and Donovan Wylie, painters Colin Martin and Ian Wieczorek, sculptor Lorcan McGeough, video artists Declan Clarke and Allan Hughes, and the multi-media artists Alan Butler, Caroline Campbell & Nina MacGowan, Teresa Dillon, Benjamin Gaulon, John Gerrard, Irina Gheorghe and Jim Ricks.

A series of conversations with the artists around themes in the exhibition will take place following the opening on Friday 14 and Saturday 15 September. A further discussion with photographers Willie Doherty and Donovan Wylie will take place on 8 November during ParisPhoto.

Our current artist-in-residence Adrian Duncan will open his studio in the courtyard to the public during the exhibition opening and, at 8pm, Robocobra Quartet will play an open-air concert of jazz, hardcore punk and contemporary classical music.

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The artists

  • Donovan Wylie
  • Benjamin Gaulon
  • John Gerrard
  • Declan Clarke
  • Roseanne Lynch
  • Karl Burke
  • Alan Butler
  • Caroline Campbell & Nina Mc Gowan (Loitering Theatre)
  • Teresa Dillon
  • Willie Doherty
And 6 others…