TA-DA ! — Une proposition interactive de Navid Nuur


Installation, mixed media

Une proposition interactive de Navid Nuur

Past: April 27 → September 23, 2013

Since Alain Bublex in 2009, the Centre Pompidou’s new Children’s Gallery regularly invites renowned artists to conceive projects that introduce 6-12 years-old to their worlds or the stages of their creative processes.

After Valérie Mréjen in 2012, Navid Nuur presents a series of devices he calls “interimodules”, a neologism that refers to the ephemeral and modular nature of his works, and that provides visual and auditory content by exploring each aspect of his approach. The title, “Ta-Da!”, expresses the surprise or delight you feel when you have achieved something important. This magic formula is an invitation to follow Navid Nuur in his world as a poetic craftsman.

Inside Navid Nuur’s head, ideas bubble, fly, clash; his eyes open wide watching color transform, are amazed at paper crumpling and marvel at the transition from darkness to light. He is interested in natural phenomena, ideas and objects, he explores their associations and diverts them from their original purposes to tell other stories.

The fifteen or so interimodules presented by Navid Nuur invite children to awaken their senses, through a hallway of colors that refer to the Parisian urban space (the green of benches, the yellow of mailboxes, etc.), the recreation of an artist’s workshop including its various materials, the revisiting of Brancusi’s Endless Column with yogurt pots, the laser tribute to Pollock’s drip painting, the modeling clay sculpture, or the fishing net that holds a secret only visible under flashes.

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