Tel un geste captivant la lumière — Exposition collective


Installation, painting, photography

Tel un geste captivant la lumière
Exposition collective

Past: May 29 → July 13, 2019

Introducing its new collaboration with the American artist Leslie Smith III, Isabelle Gounod Gallery is pleased to invite the American Gallery Maus Contemporary (Birmingham, USA)

Curated by Guido Maus, “Tel un geste captivant la lumière” brings together the works of seven artists, whose practices are characterized by a particular approach of abstraction.

Radical proposals of Felix Becker, Clayton Colvin and Eugene James Martin here converse with the more narrative and metaphysical compositions by Leslie SMITH III, Akika Mashima and Nico Munuera. Two fields of experimentation between which Irene Grau’s monochrome installation and Mark Flood’s more popularly cultivated work find their place.

Maus Contemporary Gallery

  • Opening Wednesday, May 29, 2019 4 PM → 8 PM
  • tel un geste captivant la lumière Meeting Thursday, June 6, 2019
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The artists

  • Leslie Smith Iii
  • Felix Becker
  • Marc Flood
  • Eugene James Martin
  • Nico Munuera
  • Clayton Colvin
  • Irene Grau
  • Akiko Mashima