The Border is a State of Mind


Collage, photography, sculpture, mixed media

The Border is a State of Mind

Past: October 13 → November 17, 2018

The Border is a State of Mind is a group show articulated around the notion of territorial frontier and the symbolic meanings it conveys today, in a context of rise of nationalisms, return of the “walls” and new geopolitical conflicts.

The Jérôme Poggi gallery has invited the curator Sasha Pevak to realize an exhibition that deploys in two phases. The first part of the project will be on display at the gallery. The second part of the show will be presented on the occasion of the 45th edition of FIAC, booth 1.H11 in the west wing of the Galeries Supérieures of the Grand Palais.

The project was conceived with the complicity of Kyveli Mavrokordopoulou, researcher at EHESS. Jérôme Poggi thanks the Galeria Juana de Aizpuru for its collaboration around the work of Eric Baudelaire.

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