The Wheels Orchestra — Un projet immersif de Nicolas Barrot


Installation, performance, sound - music

The Wheels Orchestra
Un projet immersif de Nicolas Barrot

Past: December 7 → 10, 2015

As part of a creation residence of one month at La Maison de l’Arbre (November 10th to December 10th, 2015), Pépinières européennes host Nicolas Barrot (aka Mr. Spoon or nikko), laureate of the Map program of residency.

« The Wheels Orchestra », concert-installation-performance of two hours, without beginning or end, will be presented to the public from 7 to 10 December from 19h to 21h30 in the framework of « La Semaine du Bizarre » in Montreuil.

Thirty tape recorders of all kinds, REVOX, Grundig, Telefunken, Nagra, Uher, Schlumberger and tape micro magneto legend of “Mission Impossible” will be handled and “played” as real instruments by crazy scientists in lab coats .

“A big visual and musical thing …
Dub perhaps …
Noise certainly …
certainly not digital …
rock a little …
electronics at all (although it probably will look like it) …
speeches at the place upside down …
punk and why not …
improvisation even not afraid …
an immersive performance. "

La Semaine du Bizarre is organized by the Municipal Theatre Berthelot in partnership with Les Instants Chavirés, Le 116 — Centre for Contemporary Art, the Cinema Méliès and the Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes.

93 Seine-St-Denis Zoom in 93 Seine-St-Denis Zoom out

La Fabrique des Pépinières à la Maison de l’Arbre, 5-9 rue François Debergue

93100 Montreuil

T. 01 55 86 08 80

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  • Nicolas Barrot