Theodoros Stamatogiannis — Project space


Architecture, installation

Theodoros Stamatogiannis
Project space

Past: November 20 → December 20, 2014

Second proposal by Marguerite Pilven for the Code Inconnu cycle of six exhibitions

“To occupy a space is an act of architecture”

Patrick Bouchain

Parallel to Mischa Kuball who inaugurated the Code Inconnu cycle with his installation on the ground floor of the gallery, Theodoros Stamatogiannis invests the the upper floor Studio. This greek artist lives currently in London, his work based on sculpture and architecture revisits the close bounds between these two disciplines that have nourished each other throughout art history. Greek temples, gothic cathedrals, Italian Renaissance palazzi, Art deco constructions, the minimalist research between space and sculpted volume as well as many contemporary architectures gain their complexity from this fertile dialogue.

Project space is a work made of wood to the exact measures of the exhibition space. With this large construction, Theodoros Stamatogiannis precisely sets the balance between sculpture and architecture, by building a common terrain of intervention for both disciplines, whose shape is as much influenced by the map as the relief. Project space alternates the gallery space by interfering with its architectural elements, thus re-programming its limits, nature and function.

The monumentality of the installation is paradoxically part of its discretion. By adapting the measures of the exhibition space, the work goes into hiding in order to change the visitor’s view and behaviour, similar to architecture.


Born 1977 in Ioannina, Greece.
Theodoros Stamatogiannis obtains his MFA from the Glasgow School of Art in 2009. His solo exhibitions include (a+b)2, Season Projects, London in 2013 and abcdefghijklmnopqrtsuvwxyz, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow in 2010. He has also participated in several group exhibitions such as Paradigm Store at 5 Howick Place, London and Summer show, Florence Trust, London in 2014, Terribilis Tubus, Flux Factory, New York in 2012. He has received the Fulbright Grant (USA) in 2011 and the Creative Scotland Investment Award in 2012. In 2015 he will hold a solo exhibition at Spaces Gallery, Cleveland (USA).

Marguerite Pilven
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