These are a few of my favorite things


Drawing, photography, mixed media

These are a few of my favorite things

Past: September 14 → October 30, 2010

The gallery is now presenting for the first time a group show with works from every artist of its program.

It is neither a retrospective look nor a curatorial attempt but rather the display of mainly brand new works allowing the visitors to find their own path among them or simply to look at them in their uniqueness.

While a brand new work by Roxane Borujerdi found its own exhibition system on the first floor of the gallery, one of her astonishing photograph of cardboard objects is welcoming us on the ground floor. Faithful to both his well-known colour range and line, David Ivar Herman Dune chose to depict Samson struggling for the last time in a collapsing architecture. With a work announcing her upcoming solo show at the gallery, Marlie Mul intervenes on materials and delicately transforms them in a rather irreverent way. Right before new works that will be exhibited at FIAC, Emilie Pitoiset presents two brand new works where substance matters more than ever. Aurélien Porte also showing at FIAC keeps shaking up the aesthetic code with his wide range of references. Thomas Schmidt continues his beautiful quest to reveal the void around the images with two new photographs. Pavel Strnad, whose practice is based on both animation and drawing presents three black and white automatic drawings. In a great shape and about to show at Biennale de Belleville this October We Are The Painters are inviting us to a stimulating and haunting close encounter.

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