Thighthead Prop — Carte blanche 4 à collectionneurs


Drawing, film, installation, lithography / engraving...

Thighthead Prop
Carte blanche 4 à collectionneurs

Past: June 28 → July 28, 2012

Bendana — Pinel Art Contemporain asked Sandra Mulliez, collector, philanthropist and founder of SAM art projects, to be the curator of the exhibition. For the gallery’s fourth Carte Blanche, she chose the works of artists Bianca Argimon, Theodora Barat and Vahan Soghomonian. Through a selection of videos, sculptures, drawings and installations, the three artists create a meaningful and original dialogue.

There is no synopsis, no summary. Product of a word, a piece of scenery, action or even a character Bianca Argimon builds drawings. Inspired by facts and historical events that she mixes with current elements and contemporary culture, she draws an unstable environment impregnated with a slight cynicism, which mobilizes the world of the imagination. Everything is possible in the drawings of Bianca Argimon, she creates between her characters a network that links them together to orchestrate an excessive panorama, a pandemonium where coexist a disbanding of scenes that challenge established values without fear of transgression. In her eccentric fables, which are close to the improvised theater, fiction and reality meet in under a little unattainable dream open to interpretation.

Combining installation and video, Theodora Barat’s works find references in the universe of American film. Stemming from the “black box” and the “light projection”, the artist research is also around the roads crisscrossing the American great spaces. Theodora Barat follows the path of the wandering eye, the visual movement and the scrolling of the image encompasses and absorbs the viewer passenger. The work is the development of a nocturnal, urban and industrial atmosphere, based on the seizure of fleeting sensations. Space refers to time, duality between implantation and loss, conquest and abandonment, desertion and housing…

The identity of Vahan Soghomonian shows in the way he mobilizes the images he produces and the media he chooses to use for each one of them; in the way of implementing a constellation of elements that can be moved and combined and how he manages to create situations that constantly renew the circulation of ideas and forms he manipulates. Vahan develops a mobile and dynamic building , a system of signals that he combines to achieve a balance between the jubilation of a discovery and the accuracy of sight, a balance between tenderness and cruelty, between the joy brought by a game and the harshness of a thought.

  • Opening Thursday, June 28, 2012 at 6 PM
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