Thomas Hirschhorn — Equality Float



Thomas Hirschhorn
Equality Float

Past: September 22 → November 25, 2011

The map of friendship between art and philosophy 1277482263 original grid Entretien — Thomas Hirschhorn Depuis plus de dix ans, Thomas Hirschhorn s’attache avec une énergie aussi joyeuse qu’indéfectible à construire ses formes de lutte au travers d’un combat artistique faits d’installations où se mêlent hommages et détournements, histoire de l’art, littérature et philosophie.

The eponymous work represents a carnival float measuring 21 metres long by 6 meters wide.

Produced for and presented at MACRO, Vigo in 2008, the work is exhibited here for the first time in France. “Equality Float” is an allegory of the community, highlighting both its ills and their remedies; a reflection on the notions of equality / inequality. It is a theme that the artist explores through the interaction of opposites, of political and philosophical essays (Spinoza, Deleuze, Bataille, Gramsci).

The work is paired with a text of the German philosopher Marcus Steinweg, with whom Thomas Hirschhorn has worked during the past ten years, specially commissioned to be included in the work.

During the exhibition, a comprehensive librabry composed of the bibliography of the work, preparatory drawings and other methodological notes is available for consultation to the visitors.

Chantal Crousel – La Douane Gallery Gallery
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