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Thomas Levy-Lasne
Hic et nunc

Past: September 20 → December 21, 2014

From September 20, the Art Center of Clamart presents a solo exhibition of the painter Thomas Lévy-Lasne. This first monographic exhibition in an art center is an opportunity to show an important part of the artist’s career, made of 10 years of creation, charcoal, watercolours and oil paints. The artist will submit for this exhibition a monumental piece in tribute to Clamart territory.

Highlighting reality, he gets inspiration in the casual, the obvious, the ordinary: by his painting, he amplifies all these moments of everyday life to re-present them, brand new, to our eyes.

Despite his representations of common facts, he doesn’t deny the academic genres of painting: the portraits, genre paintings, still life or landscapes that are taken over by the painter are still the very genres of modern times. Indeed, when you paint figuration “the same subjects always come back naturally”.

The young city slicker is found of cinema, fashion, keen on literature and philosophy, and leaves easily his painter suit to try his hand at these disciplines. As many meaningful and stimulating universes that go along with him every day and that we rediscover during the events organized by the artist following on from the exhibition, particularly on the occasion of the meeting “The cinema of Thomas Lévy-Lasne”, on Saturday 22 November.

Picture caption: Thomas Lévy-Lasne, Boîte de nuit (Night Club) — 2011, oil paints

  • Opening Saturday, September 20, 2014 at 5 PM
  • Visit Sunday, October 19, 2014 at 4 PM

    Visite dialoguée de l’exposition entre l’artiste et le critique d’art Hector Obalk.

  • Le cinéma de Thomas Lévy-Lasne Screening Saturday, November 22, 2014 at 5 PM

    En avant-première, lecture d’un dialogue scénarisé par l’artiste : Le Collectionneur, par les comédiens Benoît Forgeard et Pierre Jouan.

    Projection du moyen-métrage de Justine Triet « Vilaine fille, mauvais garçon » (30min, 2011, ECCE film) dans lequel Thomas Lévy-Lasne interprète le premier rôle.

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