Tïa Calli Borlase — Objets de désir


Drawing, photography, sculpture

Tïa Calli Borlase
Objets de désir

Past: October 14 → November 19, 2011

Entering Tia Calli Borlase’s world is entering an uncommon environment of objects in which the artist creates “unique three-dimensional arrangements”, according to the art critic Paul Ardenne, made from re-thinking and re-assembling everyday materials into a metaphoric re-use.

Made with very personal material elements derived from lingerie, such as bra cups, ribbon, intimate fabrics and corset stays, the sculptures have unusual and ambiguous forms that may appear suggestive or subliminal, and derive from successive iterations and hybridizations

Using the same process the artist makes equine sculptures. An excellent rider, Tia Calli Borlase is very fond of this powerful and yet fragile animal. In addition to her sculpture of horses created from lingerie or leather, she also creates living sculptures, dressing the animal with sumptuous “caparaçons” that she sews herself.

In all her works, which also include photography, Tia Calli Borlase keeps pursuing a consistent artistic world, developing what Gilles Deleuze would call her “geography of desire”.

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