Tilman — Si tu vois quelque chose — Observations/Transformations


Drawing, sculpture

Si tu vois quelque chose — Observations/Transformations

Past: December 12, 2013 → February 1, 2014

During the early years — which were frequently marked by economical distress — working on paper was often a last resort to continue Tilman’s production on a daily base as well as a space for experimentation and reflection — leading eventually to the production of larger paintings.

Developing and employing a gradually more reductive vocabulary since the late 90’s, Tilman’s works on paper became an integral and autonomous part of his practice, which includes painted objects, 3-dimensional floor pieces and large in-situ installations.

In his works on paper, Tilman filters ideas and visual inspirations found and experienced on a daily base, exploring their possibilities and potential use in his artistic process. They could be seen as hybrids: transformed visual information, an archive of collected visual memories or autonomous work of art.

De-contextualizing and transforming these found and/or seen objects, both their often comical, absurd or poetic side as well as their sinister, actual aspects are revealed. Exposing their essential visual presence, these Objets Trouves, have become a key element in Tilman’s exploration of perception per se — encouraging and aiming for a more profound/distinct dialogue between the viewer and the object.

The works featured in the exhibition Si Tu Vois Quelque Chose — Observations/Transformations are part of on ongoing series of Tilman’s works on paper, entitled cut-outs/viewing-holes, which he started about 3 years ago. These series of works on paper introduce three-dimensionality, while enhancing the idea of the object as an instrument, which aspires to facilitate and to enhance a broader engagement of our senses and sensibilities.

Since the beginning of Tilman’s career, works on paper ( born 1959 in Munich, currently living in New York , Nice and Dolceacqua) have played an central role in his artistic practice.

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