Tomorrow’s Man — curated by Jack Pierson


Collage, drawing, painting, photography

Tomorrow’s Man
curated by Jack Pierson

Past: October 23 → November 19, 2014

Play Tomorrow’s Man curated by Jack Pierson Tomorrow’s Man curated by Jack Pierson Présentation de l’exposition collective « Tomorrow’s Man » par le commissaire et artiste Jack Pierson — Vidéo en anglais

Jack Pierson has curated a group exhibition titled Tomorrow’s Man. Pierson started this project some months ago with a publication of the same title.

When Bywaters Bros publishers offer to publish a monograph on Jack Pierson’s work, the artist considered a new form of publication. He imagined a book that brings together his own works associated with images of different origins, prints and drawings that he collects and that inspire him. He also invited young artists to contribute their work. The result is an unconnected compilation of themes and styles forming the miniature encyclopaedia Tomorrow’s Man, whose title comes from a bodybuilding magazine popular in the 1950s and ’60s.

To coincide with this album, Jack Pierson brings together the work of some of the artists to exhibit under the same title. The exhibition at Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac is intended as a second chapter in the Tomorrow’s Man project. Pierson invites artists Evan Whale, Alex Jovanovich, Richard Tinkler and Florence Derive to take part, and also includes historical works by the “Vienna Action Group” artist Rudolf Schwarzkogler.

The album itself does not follow a particular theme or layout, intending it more as a collection of things and artists that he likes for a wide variety of reasons. Most of the artists are young and little known. Pierson’s aim is to publish a 12-volume series with continuing works by the same artists as well as other participants.

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7, rue Debelleyme

75003 Paris

T. 01 42 72 99 00 — F. 01 42 72 61 66

Filles du Calvaire

Opening hours

Tuesday – Saturday, 10 AM – 7 PM

The artists

  • Florence Derive
  • Alex Jovanovich
  • Rudolf Schwarzkogler
  • Richard Tinkler
  • Evan Whale