Installation, poetry, sculpture, mixed media


Past: March 29 → May 10, 2013

Trying to establish the existence of an imaginary territory through the work of artists such as Lina Ben Rejeb, Antoine Espinasseau and Aurélien Mauplot, each piece of art fosters reflection on the concepts of Time and Space, real or imaginary.

The word “topology” is a contraction of the Greek topos that means “place” and logos, “study”.

“It was probably one of the sensations of light that the eye sees in the deep darkness.”

Jules Verne, Five Weeks in a Balloon .

  • Opening Friday, March 29, 2013 6:30 PM → 9 PM
Florence Leoni Gallery Gallery
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151, rue Amelot

75011 Paris

T. 01 43 55 62 94 — F. 01 43 55 63 05


Opening hours

Tuesday – Saturday, 2 PM – 8 PM

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The artists

  • Antoine Espinasseau
  • Lina Ben Rejeb
  • Aurelien Meuplot