Tout feu tout flamme — On fire


Installation, painting, sculpture, mixed media

Tout feu tout flamme
On fire

Past: October 5 → December 1, 2012

This exhibition shows the different ways in which artists perceive fire, a phenomenon that has always been a fascination. The living aspect of flames, the moving play of light and shadow, and the range of colours they produce, makes them into cultural tools, considered a real source of inspiration for artists.

Because fire has no shape and is perpetually changing it allows great freedom of interpretation: from the Paintings of Fire by Yves Klein to the Combustions of Alberto Burri, the Accumulations of Arman and the Paths of Fire of Bernard Aubertin; from the artifice of the flower of fire of Jannis Kounellis and the eschatological shadows of Christian Boltanski to the icy burns of Pier Paolo Calzolari or the ashes of Chen Zhen.

Exhibition curator : Daniel Abadie.

Tornabuoni Art Gallery
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8, rue de la Paix

75002 Paris

T. 01 53 53 51 51 — F. 01 53 53 51 50

Franklin D.Roosevelt

Opening hours

Every day except Sunday, 10:30 AM – 6:30 PM

The artists

  • Arman
  • Chen Zhen
  • Jannis Kounellis
  • Christian Boltanski
  • Yves Klein
  • Mimmo Rotella
  • Alberto Burri
  • Mario Ceroli
  • Pier Paolo Calzolari
  • Bernard Aubertin