Tozo Konishi & Taisuke Sato — Céramiques de Bizen



Tozo Konishi & Taisuke Sato
Céramiques de Bizen

Past: June 6 → July 6, 2012

Bizen, south of Kyoto, is particularly famous for its ceramics. In Japan, where the ceramics have a status of high art, the production site of sandstone, an austere-looking, whose lack of painted decoration is mitigated by some amazing research in cooking techniques.

Since the XIIth century, exceptional ceramics has been made in Bizen, all in shades of brown and red, licked by the flames.

Bizen is also one of the six historical centers of ceramics production whose ovens are still working. The most modern pieces give more room to the natural colour of stoneware. The oldest ones — named Ko-Bizen and which are still made today — have a finish deeply marked by fire with generally darker shades.

Gallery Yhoshii will exhibit Tôzô Konishi et Taisuké Sato, two contemporary artists.

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