Photography, sculpture

Nil Yalter

Ends in 19 days: October 5, 2019 → February 9, 2020

Nil Yalter, an emblematic and political monograph.

MAC VAL is inaugurating an original exhibition by Nil Yalter, an artist internationally recognised for the engagement and “multistylistic” nature of her art, ranging from video to painting, from collage to photography, from performance to installation. Of this militant artist born in 1938, art critic Georges Boudaille wrote in 1979: “Nil Yalter sees herself as an instrument, an amplifier, in favour of almost obsessional themes: the situation of all immigrant workers and the position of women in all societies.”

Her works, her forms derive from her documentary or sociological material. She explores the conditions of excluded populations or individuals — immigrant male and female workers, exiled communities, women prisoners — by means of investigations in the field and interviews. Nil Yalter gives a voice to individuals who express the difficulty of their everyday life in their quarter, town, country, or society.

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Tuesday – Friday, noon – 6 PM
Saturday, noon – 7 PM
Fermeture les 1er janvier, 1er mai et 25 décembre

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The artist

  • Nil Yalter