Turns: Possibilities of Performance — Parfums pourpres du soleil des pôles


Installation, sculpture, screen-printing, sound - music...

Turns: Possibilities of Performance
Parfums pourpres du soleil des pôles

Past: November 7 → December 21, 2013

In his essay on the 1973 novel Crash, Baudrillard gauges J.G. Ballard’s potent imagery inducing prose as “truly saturated with an intense initiatory power” acknowledging that the description of something can be even more powerful than the actual thing itself. The human imagination is well equiped to fill in any gap that is absent in descriptive stimuli, and in fact, the human mind almost always adds graphic and heightened details to any part of a story.

Similarly, the works presented in Turns: The Possibilities of Performance are suggestive of the actions, formed or unformed, that surround them. This exhibition will focus upon the peripheral aspect of the performance, the before, the after, the potential, the simultaneity and also the offspring of a performative action. The four artists and one collective each expose a certain position upon perform ative acts, from music, readings, science and the circus and the varied medium of sculpture, sound, printmaking and video.

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