Ulla von Brandenburg — Le chevalier inexistant


Drawing, installation, video

Ulla von Brandenburg
Le chevalier inexistant

Past: February 15 → March 31, 2012

Observe and dive into a world not only represented from the perspective of the real, but which one can also perceive through a play of specular duplication. Ulla von Brandenburg’s works often move between such liminal spaces of the real — the spectral images in her drawings, her installations which plunge us into another world, and the highly dramatised mises-en-scène in her films. For her exhibition at Rosascape, Ulla von Brandenburg gives particular attention to the visual artifice of image duplication, of the meeting and confrontation of the real and its projection. Playing on the particular characteristics of the exhibition space — i.e., a private, domestic, intimate space, with a classical architectural style — the artist presents a series of new works here (videos, installations, drawings).

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