Un jour ordinaire



Un jour ordinaire

Past: October 30 → December 6, 2014

An ordinary day

What is an ordinary day? What is ordinary for you, will not necessarily be for us. And what if behind the ordinary was hidden a whole other extraordinary reality?
The three photographers presented by the A2Z Art Gallery offer us with this exhibition their understanding and vision of an ordinary day.

Zhang Wei offers the viewer a rewriting of the extraordinary from the ordinary. These women seem to come from classical art pieces, but they aren’t. Who are they? Unknown women encountered in a random street, “lambda” people, whom the artist immortalizes and whose details he assembles to make these portraits with such familiar lines. The ordinary is transformed into extraordinary, into masterpieces.

Fan Shunzan insinuates herself and the viewer into the lives of his models, into one of their ordinary day. However, as the viewer’s gaze scans the photography, this harsh and cold scene gives way to a magical decor where reality becomes dream.

Finally, with Ji Zhou, the viewer is immediately immersed in another dimension, a world in which time is frozen. The artist takes us to another space-time, which corresponds to his perception, to an ordinary day in his reality where every single moment seems like an eternity.

These three photographers, these visual magicians, transform our perception of reality and show us that it is up to each of us to make an ordinary day, and more generally to make the ordinary, something extraordinary through an interpretation of the material, the spiritual and time.

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