Une écologie des images


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Une écologie des images

Ends in 18 days: February 29 → May 1, 2024

’an ecology of images’ presents seventeen artists who work with photography and/or video and who are concerned, each in their own very singular way, with the ecological issue in relation to the images they produce.

Ecological concern, human ecology, sustainable materials, transversality of the living, slow art and lyricism linked to nature are some of the themes and strategies explored by the seventeen artists.

Installations by Conrad Bakker, Serwan Baran, Céline Cadaureille, Abdul Rahman Katanani, Robert Montgomery, Jacob Probst, Laure Tixier and Jeanine Woollard and the gallery’s VAACZ (Vegetal and Animal Autonomous Care Zone) provide a sustainable, eco-friendly accompaniment to the exhibition ’an ecology of images’.

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10 rue du Gothard

1225 Chêne-Bourg (Suisse)

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Opening hours

Tuesday – Friday, 2 PM – 7 PM
Other times by appointment

The artists

  • Isabelle Chapuis
  • Klavdij Sluban
  • Janet Biggs
  • Mario Rizzi
  • Guillaume De Sardes
  • Mimiko Türkkan
  • Nikias Imhoof
  • Guillaume Varone
  • Guillaume Chamahian
  • Marios Fournaris
And 7 others…