Brainbow, une proposition de Bertrand Grimont et Le Châlet


Collage, installation, photography, mixed media

Brainbow, une proposition de Bertrand Grimont et Le Châlet

Past: May 30 → July 13, 2012

What is extraordinary about neurones is that they are essentials to us and yet go beyond our senses. The Brainbow imagery system makes neuronal connections visible : they appear as pixels, color dots that nothing but piling up and looking from a distance can reveal as a consistent whole. Brought together the time of an exhibition, the following artists will create a network structured by its own connections, through the echoing of works and comments.

Thomas Fontaine’s work stems from scientific representations — or so we can call them — where what is beyond reason takes over from rationality. The body — human, animal, incarnate or not — has always been an object of curiosity as well as of fascination, hiding and revealing itself at the same time. The brain is here considered as a monstrous trophy becoming the symbol of true knowledge, within reach but still imperceptible.

Rada Boukova carries out accidental changes using daily objects, and the result is disturbing. What escapes the eyes and fades away because of their everlasting meeting day by day becomes “other”. Images lose their immediate reading after a tangible alteration or an incongruous addition. Certainties vanish and the echo resulting from those juxtapositions gets lost into unsuspected directions.

Anchored to reality, the elaborated images by Shanta Rao completely change their nature. Going through the most extreme changing, they no longer stay in the original narration but gain in layers of reading. The hybridization process brings about a game between figures and materials, perception and abstraction. The definition change to the benefit of a sharpened perception of forms and tensions.

Maxime Thieffine’s work consists in putting items together and making connections. Made of fragments put together, of images attached with captions, the works have a life of their own, they link all the different elements that compose them and form a dense canvas joining all the propositions. In addition, the tiny details we can zoom-in and their accepted vulnerability present a committed dialogue with the body.

Gabriel Jones’ photographs let room to void and absence. His pictures welcome color as an intrinsic element to the representation of reality. Coming from an improbable road movie, the urban scenes are in line with a pending narration, open to everything possible. The sub zone — literally, the suburbs — becomes a theatrical scenery where space play with their immensity, reduced to the corner of a street.

Coming from nowhere or elaborated in all conscience, the works draw on a set of connexions — accidental or not — resulting from everybody’s comprehending of the world and of the informations produced. Each work is thus part of a network and reveals here a tiny scale of the possible interactions.

  • Opening Saturday, June 9, 2012 at 6 PM
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