Ursula Kraft & Michael Schnabel — Recent Works



Ursula Kraft & Michael Schnabel
Recent Works

Past: March 21 → May 12, 2012

Ursula Kraft
The German photographer will be presenting new works which continue et complete her Emerentia series and also pursue the questioning of dreams, metamorphosis, myth and the transition from childhood to adulthood. The artist uses landscapes along with the symbolism of fairy tales to depict an internal landscape. Following the interpretation of C.G. Jung who found in the fairy tales the expression of the psychological process in a collective unconscious, Ursula Kraft looks for ways to represent through images an introspective dimension, a glint of the soul.

Michael Schnabel
In the series “Still Berge”, Michael Schnabel photographs the Alps like gigantic, eternal monuments, lost in a quiet night. The night made it possible to see the other side, the mountain emptied of its tourist activity, phenomenon so insignificant on the geological scale but still dangerous for a fragile balance.
The wild and untouched nature no longer exists, but one is just starting to discern a part of it…
“White Land : In these still native landscapes I found tranquility, not only at night, but also during the day, which enable me to work during the day. The vastness and pureness can be felt. A personal image of these impressive natural spaces. Again, I am trying to fathom the border between photography and painting or other works on paper, which is if at all only noticeable in the original.” Michael Schabel

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