Vera Molnar — 1% de désordre ou la vulnérabilité de l’angle droit



Vera Molnar
1% de désordre ou la vulnérabilité de l’angle droit

Past: September 22 → October 29, 2016

“A right angle begins to be exciting when it deviates a bit and opens or close imperceptibly”
Vera Molnar

This exhibition is a tribute to a great lady of concrete abstraction, pionneer of computer assisted painting.
Through a selection of works, the exhibition highlights the peculiar process of Vera Molnar.
These 60 years of art cab be defined as a chain of events. A "line continuous and timeless formed back and forth between past and present, between reflection, penciling, coding, extracts from personal diaries- and of drawings to the plotter, digital works, paintings on canvas. Wroks often carry two dates, that of the genesis and of the outcome.
Of this geometric work that seems to leave no room to disorder, it reveals a slight shift that is its charm, it’s so strongly human appearance.

The artist, 92, born in Hungary, moved to Paris after the war, in 1947, with François Molnar her husband who forsake artistic career to devote himself to scientific research: optical art.
She presents her work to Sonia Delaunay who encourags her ton continue … In 1959 Vera invented the “imaginary machine” and became the pioneer in the practice of computer assisted art. Everyone thought it was completely senseless, grotesque, almost immoral, trying to pair a cold an inhuman machine with this thing so profoundly human that is art.(VM)
Jesus Soto introduces her to François Morellet with who she tied a strong friendship. By 1960 the participate together in the creation of the “Visual Research Center” (CRAV). Then in 1967 they created the group Art and Computer Science at the Institute of Science of Art in Paris. They will remain linked throughout their lives.

Vera Molnar is exhibited in the major museums in Germany, Switzerland, Usa.
In France, a great museum retrospective took place at the Museum of Grenoble in 2001, under the direction of Serge Lemoine. Another was organized in 2012 at the Fine Arts Museum of Rouen by S.Amic.
Her works are in the collections of the Pompidou Center, the Paris Museum Of Modern Art, the Budapest Museum of Modern Art…

  • Opening Thursday, September 22, 2016 at 6 PM
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