Vera Molnar — Une ligne n’a pas de fin


Drawing, painting

Vera Molnar
Une ligne n’a pas de fin

Ends in 6 days: October 9 → December 11, 2021

This new exhibition of Vera Molnar at the Oniris gallery links her computer works and her latest works. In parallel, Vera Molnar presents her exhibition “Pas froid aux yeux” at the Musée des beaux-arts de Rennes from October 9, 2021 to January 9, 2022.

A pioneer in the use of computers in artistic creation, Vera Molnar turned to geometric abstraction, working on the form, its transformation and its displacement since the fifties. As a true visual artist, she explores the line, the square, the white, the black, the grays, the blues, the reds and brings out the unexpected and the imaginary freedom thanks to a series of transformations of forms worthy of scientific experimentation.

She participated in all the debates that animated the birth of kinetic art and allowed the creation of La Nouvelle Tendance and became from 1968 one of the pioneers of the use of the computer in artistic creation.

The representation of nature has never interested her, and when she tries to explain the real reasons for her choice to work on these forms alone, it is, she says, that "the simplicity of these forms still moves her. Her art, conducted in an experimental way, is about form, its transformation, its displacement, its perception. Her work is accompanied by an intense theoretical reflection on the means of creation and the mechanisms of vision. It has its origins in Mondrian, Malevitch and the Zurich Concretes and finds numerous correspondences in all the work carried out in relation to the exact sciences and mathematics in particular.

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