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Vincent Broquaire

Past: December 14, 2013 → January 3, 2014

Xpo gallery presents a book launch and and exhibition by Vincent Broquaire.

The question is of how Broquaire’s set of drawing is read?

Books usually frame reality as a narrative of cause and effect, so as you turn from page to page, you might have expected to find the development of an explanation. But Broquaire’s book does not offer any explanations, indeed there are more mind puzzles.

If we look at the drawings’ subject matter only, we might be tempted to say Broquaire is interested in what is real: man-made versus nature, the physical or the virtual world… But if we consider his medium of framing, a book that is not a “book”, drawings that are one and multiple at the same time, we might come to realize that he is not questioning what we think is real so much as how we think what is real?

We live in an age where very little of nature has not been touched by man, and technology is effectively an extension of our bodies and mind. Is it not time to question the inherited oppositions of man versus nature, man versus the machine, and even the physical versus the virtual? Reality has changed, but has our ability to realise that changed?

  • Opening Saturday, December 14, 2013 5 PM → 8 PM
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