Vincent Chenut / Antonia Kuo / Li Xi — Finalistes Fid Prize 2015



Vincent Chenut / Antonia Kuo / Li Xi
Finalistes Fid Prize 2015

Past: July 3 → 18, 2015

For the fourth consecutive year The Gallery Catherine Putman is pleased to present the works of the finalists of the FID PRIZE (the international drawing competition dedicated to young artists). Aimed at young artists and fine arts students, the FID PRIZE intends to promote the young talents of the contemporary drawing. Selected by the professional jury*, the three finalists of the FID PRIZE 2015 are Vincent Chenut (France), Antonia Kuo (USA) and Li Xi (China). Their portfolios have been retained among those of 300 candidates coming from 30 different countries.

Vincent Chenut

Born in 1985, in Paris. Graduated from The Cambre National School of Visual Arts (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.

His drawings examine the relationship material-surface. He scrubs, polishes, tires and tears the surface of the paper. He is interested in the possibilities that paper offers and uses it both as a support and as a medium. In the works presented at the Gallery, he tackles city plans and geographical maps. He proceeds by the retreat of the material and follows with a scalpel some traces from which he patiently detaches the top layer of the paper, making all landmarks disappear whereas the accidental holes appear forming a genuine constellation.

Antonia Kuo

Born in 1987, in New York NY. Graduated from The school the Boston Fine Arts Museum (USA). Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

The graphite drawings of Antonia Kuo are of small size and give an impression of the infinite. We believe to recognize a starry sky, a green landscape in the swarms of details, we imagine long, concentrated, meditative work. She practices drawing in an intuitive manner between the recognizable and the abstraction, the obscurity and consciousness; it is this fine line which interests her.

Li Xi

Born in 1989, in Sichuan (China). Studies at the Ecole Supérieure d’Art in Nord-Pas de Calais (Dunkerque).

Li XI practices video, photography and drawing and constructs her work around the theme of the elements. Her drawings, with a pencil and with charcoal, are formed by the word « one » in Chinese calligraphy, which happens to be its simplest form (in the semi-cursive style). She repeates this form with perseverence to create her drawings, both poetic and enigmatic, around the theme of the wave.

At the occasion of the exposition of the finalists of the FID PRIZE 2015, the Gallery Catherine Putman has invited Keita Mori, the finalist of the FID PRIZE 2012, who has realised a work in-situ. Keita Mori realises her drawings using a special technique which he has developed since 2011: the taut wires with a glue gun. The lines thus drawn by the wire are without any nuances, uniform as the genuine boundaries. He thus creates spaces, through accumulation and entanglement of wires: objects, systems in which the cracks — or « bug » the way he calls them –reveal themselves from the fragmented spaces, in motion, as provisional.

Keita MORI (the finalist of the FID PRIZE 2012) Born in 1981 in Hokkaido (Japan). Graduated from ENSBA, The National School of Fine Arts, Paris and from Tama Universty of Art, Tokyo. Lives and works in Nogent sur Marne.

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