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Drawing, photography, mixed media

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Past: February 8 → April 6, 2013

« Welcome to » Perception Park : Slogan, invitation, entry ticket.

The word “Park” contains the notion of enclosed space, the one of the gallery that the artists occupy for the first time, as much as the idea of perspective, of openness and infinity.

Natural park, wasteland, garden, Eden, the first series of images reflects a mystic nature. Each work, governed by a proper symbolic, evokes the “in-between”, the transient state, up to be itself seen as a passing gate.

The evocation of the Park continues by analogy with the pictures of Keen Souhlal.

The amusement park, emptied of its festive nature, is fixed by a frontal and analytic approach, a presise vision, trying to convert the concept of “phantasmagoria” in a clear and synthetic image.

The unmoving gears stand as simple supports of a spectral distraction.

Then, the vision is blurred by a series of narrative snapshots.

The cinematic pictures of Ludivine Sibelle and the film “Se dire adieu” of Estelle Vernay (jerks, words and breaths alternation, peripheral informations, atmospheric decors and blackout) seem to come from a post-apocalyptic world.

The story is marked by the absence of contextual data, immersing the viewer in a state of latent tension, a magnetic nebula, suggesting the second meaning of the word “attraction”.

The promenade is also punctuated by meeting with the animal figure: hybrid objects or mutant animals, combining raw and manufactured materials. The usual object tends to become a chimeric form, questioning the principle of functionality.

The still lifes “shawarmas” of Taizo Yamamoto continue the process of transformation of the animal, up to reveal its raw material: totem Meat, stung and hung like a trophy.

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