Whitney Biennial 2024 — Even Better Than the Real Thing


Mixed media

Whitney Biennial 2024
Even Better Than the Real Thing

In 25 days: March 20 → April 28, 2024

Seventy-one visionary artists and collectives will participate in the eighty-first installment of the Whitney Biennial, opening March 20, 2024. The Member preview begins on March 14.

The artists and collectives in the latest chapter of the exhibition—Whitney Biennial 2024: Even Better Than the Real Thing—will follow in the footsteps of hundreds of Biennial artists before them to interpret our current landscape and tell stories, spark discussion, and comment on issues across a variety of media and disciplines.

The 2024 Whitney Biennial is organized by Chrissie Iles and Meg Onli, with Min Sun Jeon and Beatriz Cifuentes. The performance program is organized by Iles and Onli, with guest curator Taja Cheek. The film program is organized by Iles and Onli, with guest curators Korakrit Arunanondchai, asinnajaq, Greg de Cuir Jr, and Zackary Drucker.

“We sought to create an exhibition in the form of what artist Ligia Lewis calls a ‘dissonant chorus,’ unharmonious in its collectivity,” said Iles and Onli. “It is striking how many artists are contending with relationships between the psyche and the body, and the precarity of the past few years. Artists are continuing to grapple with history and identity; we have made an exhibition that unfolds as a set of relations, exploring the challenges of coming together in a fractured moment. We are thrilled to be working with such a rigorous and thoughtful group of artists to create a space where ideas and the materiality of the world can be examined and engaged”

Eddie Rodolfo Aparicio
Dora Budor
Seba Calfuqueo
Demian DinéYazhi
Torkwase Dyson
JJJJJerome Ellis
Jes Fan
Nikita Gale
Ektor Garcia
Pippa Garner
Harmony Hammond
Sharon Hayes
Holly Herndon
Mat Dryhurst
Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich
Suzanne Jackson
Isaac Julien
Lotus L. Kang
Mary Kelly
Carolyn Lazard
Dionne Lee
Ligia Lewis
Mary Lovelace O’Neal
Cannupa Hanska Luger
K.R.M. Mooney
Dala Nasser
Diane Severin Nguyen
Karyn Olivier
B. Ingrid Olson
Eamon Ore-Giron
People Who Stutter Create (Jia Bin, Delicia Daniels, JJJJJerome Ellis, Conor Foran, Kristel Kubart)
Julia Phillips
Mavis Pusey
Maja Ruznic
Ser Serpas
Rose B. Simpson
P. Staff
Clarissa Tossin
Pearlina Weston
Kiyan Williams
Carmen Winant
Takako Yamaguchi
Constantina Zavitsanos
Sarah Hennies
Alex Tatarsky
Siku Allooloo
Seba Calfuqueo
Christopher Harris
Miranda Haymon
Ho Tzu Nyen
Yasmine Anlan Huang
Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich
Aron Kantor
Gbenga Komolafe
Tee Park
Jenni Laiti
Shuang Li
Simon Liu
Nyala Moon
Edward Owens
Sydney Frances Pascal
Riar Rizaldi
Penelope Spheeris
Lada Suomenrinne

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The artists

  • Isaac Julien
  • Sharon Hayes
  • Pippa Garner
  • Korakrit Arunanondchai
  • K.R.M Mooney
  • Carolyn Lazard
  • Ho Tzu Nyen
  • Torkwase Dyson
  • Dora Budor
  • Harmony Hammond
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