WODA — Collectif des photographes Gwenaelle Dautricourt et Philippe Wojazer



Collectif des photographes Gwenaelle Dautricourt et Philippe Wojazer

Past: November 28, 2013 → January 11, 2014

“This work is born of an encounter, an exchange of ideas about what the photography can preserve from a fleeting moment. A freeze frame, the preservation of a memory. The idea of bubbles came quite fast. From our children’s amazement during the few seconds when the bubbles fly away and burst. Try to hold them for a while by stopping the time, be abble to find back this sensation. During our long discussions, we drifted away on what could represent, for the adults we became, this memory. Was it only the game, or the representation of the game could reveal a farther and deeper memory?

The first bubble, our universal first bubble, magic and beauty. Is it beginning or ending, as ephemeral than fragile? Each different and similar. Are they the renewal, the future generation? We have worked in atmosphere as different as the sea, where everything was born, the forest, deserted buildings or sublime architecture. Everytime, the place revealed it’s magic thanks to the ephemeral. What to see in our bubbles : the original cell, a light, or just this impression of “déjà-vécu”? It’s up to you to find back what you’re looking for. Let yourself, as these, be guided by the wind. What really makes sens, is joy. Do we need to understand? What you see makes you happy? Everything is here."

  • Opening Thursday, November 28, 2013 at 6 PM
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