Workshop Disasters Room : Gestion de crise et résilience post-catastrophe


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Workshop Disasters Room : Gestion de crise et résilience post-catastrophe

Past: Tuesday, November 10, 2015 10 AM → 7 PM

Disasters Room: Lessons from Crisis Management and Post-Catastrophe Recovery

Conceived with Fernando García-Dory *(artist and agroecologist), in partnership with *Imago Mundi Foundation (Cracow) in the framework of the programme Place Called Space.

The workshop will draw connections between different levels of crisis, from the psychological to the specific impacts at city or regional level, to the systemic. It will intertwine fields from poetry to biology and paleontology, from public relations to architecture and sustainable engineering, and from theory of chaos to tactics of radical antagonism for disturbance escalation in revolutionary processes. The participants will look at the stages of pre-crisis, emergency, crisis management, and post-catastrophe recovery, through a collective creative endeavour also fed by an exchange with experts from these fields who will give specific inputs. What is resilience and how to build it up? What imaginaries do these new narratives of apocalypse allow and how are they collectively addressed?

Fernando García-Dory´s (b. 1978) work engages specifically with the relationship between culture and nature now, as manifested in multiple contexts, from landscape and the rural, to desires and expectations concerned with identity, through to (global) crisis, utopia and the potential for social change. He studied Fine Arts and Rural Sociology, and now prepairing his PhD on Agroecology. Interested in the harmonic complexity of biological forms and processes, his work addresses connections and cooperation, from microorganisms to social systems, and from traditional art languages such as drawing to collaborative agroecological projects, actions, and cooperatives.

Workshop on Tuesday 10 November, from 10am to 7pm
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