Workshops, performances et concerts — Avec Trade School Paris et les Pépinières


Performance, sound - music, mixed media

Workshops, performances et concerts
Avec Trade School Paris et les Pépinières

Past: Wednesday, May 27, 2015 at 7 PM

Pépinières européennes for young artists, cultural and solidarity organization, support the emergence of participatory economies, based on the exchange.

In this spirit, they welcome for the second time Trade School Paris in La Maison de l’Arbre- Montreuil and help to bring together artists and actors from civil society.

Trade School is a participatory school operating through the barter of goods or services. Founded in 2009 in New York by Caroline Woolard (visual artist and performer), Louise Ma (artist, illustrator and designer), Gold Zublasky (musician and web developer), and Rich Watt (artist, engineer, designer and editor), Trade School Challenge is to enable the largest number of transmit their ideas and talents in all fields, without academic or financial barrier filter. The practice of barter itself is envisaged as an open proposal for new lifestyles more direct and human.

The practice of Trade School and attracted many creative entrepreneurs worldwide and in 2014 it is now more than forty Trade School that have been developed. With open source software base website for registration and course proposals online everyone can easily initiate a Trade School in his city. This viral system is the initial philosophy that wants a maximum opening in the transmission of knowledge and allow the maximum a real creative boom! In continuation of this questioning, in Paris, the first edition of Trade School took place from June to July 2012 in the contemporary art center Palais de Tokyo.

Since then, Trade School Paris animate many workshops in different places.

Discover the concept, meet the volunteers and participants, discover the artists and enjoy a program of concerts and performances at the partnership launch event, Wednesday, May 27 from 19h.

Admission is free, but please bring something to drink or snack to decorate the buffet!

93 Seine-St-Denis Zoom in 93 Seine-St-Denis Zoom out

La Fabrique des Pépinières à la Maison de l’Arbre, 5-9 rue François Debergue

93100 Montreuil

T. 01 55 86 08 80

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  • Stéphane Broc
  • Trade School Paris
  • Laurence Moletta
  • Stéphane Oerli