Worship Soundspaces — Perception sonore des lieux de cultes


Sound - music, mixed media

Worship Soundspaces
Perception sonore des lieux de cultes

Past: November 3 → 4, 2015

The sounds of religious sites (in various religions) by means of a multidisciplinary anthropological and acoustic approach.

This colloquium concerns the audio heritage of religious sites; edifices which are of interest from both a historical, cultural and architectural viewpoint. The preservation of the quality of the sound environment of these sites is today a major challenge taken into account during their refurbishment.

In this method of understanding the sensory world, acoustic and anthropological studies of the sound environment form complementary approaches that enable the characterisation of the meanings of the sound environment linked to the religious experience. This international colloquium explores the sound environments of religious edifices Christian churches, Hindu temples, mosques etc.)by combining acoustic requirements with an analysis of the forms of everyday rituals involved.

Organized by Christine Guillebaud (LESC UMR 7186-CNRS/Univ. Paris Ouest Nanterre) and Catherine Lavandier (LMRTE EA 4113 Univ. de Cergy Pontoise) in collaboration with the department of Research and Education at the musée du quai Branly.

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The artists

  • Christine Guillebaud
  • Catherine Lavandier