Yann Sérandour


Drawing, installation, lithography / engraving, photography...

Yann Sérandour

Past: May 7 → June 18, 2011

The interstitial and mimetic works by Yann Sérandour originate from existing works, publications and products which he reactivates and whose issues are changed. Embracing a conceptual view of art, he extends some historical expressions in other directions through infiltration, parasiting and “hijacking” operations. On one hand, these tactics are a way to reactivate — and sometimes to modify — the latent meanings of a work and, on the other hand, to interrogate the transformations of the historical, political and aesthetic issues associated with it. He has a close relationship to books and to the literature on art history and some of his publications.

  • Opening Saturday, May 7, 2011 at 6 PM
Gb agency / Level one Gallery
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18, rue des 4 Fils

75003 Paris

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  • Yann Sérandour