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Painting, photography, sculpture, video

Your Brain Is My Bedroom
Exposition collective

Past: December 8, 2017 → January 13, 2018

Galerie Les filles du calvaire announces Your Brain Is My Bedroom, a group show curated by Ange Leccia featuring the works of Hoël Duret, Emma Dusong, Florian Mermin, Ange Leccia and Nidgâté. Who is now able to conceive private life as strictly separated from the public sphere and a retreat into quietness?

Who is now able to imagine his/her house or apartment as the shelter of our physical and mental integrity? From webcam paranoia to the amount of self-staging on social media, it seems redundant to say that the notion of intimacy is shattered, even without referencing the community modeling of our behaviors or the cultural conditioning of our sensitivity. What seemed to still belong to the field of subjectivity half a century ago has been cut out of our lives, like the manifestation of structures that codify both our emotions and thoughts. However, this state of the world is not necessarily alarming: it is not intended to deny the expression of individual narration but to underline the porosity between the inside and the outside, the self and the heterogeneous forms of otherness. In that regard, private space has become a complex crossroad between mental and objective elements accounting for the entanglement of multiple signifiers in the construction of our identity. .

Your Brain Is My Bedroom thus plays with the notion of domestic space in order to better crack it apart. From the garden to the rocking chair via the aquarium and the laundry basket, there are many daily life objects exhibited here that recall the confortable world of what the Greeks called oikos. Except that strictly speaking, those objects no longer refer to a shelter space. Tiny shifts introduce semiological gaps and disrupt the definition of a home: a door standing right in the middle of a room or the model of a home looking like a pile of slugs. A movie showing the endless succession of ordinary rooms that reverse the principle of a tension-release concentration exercise to eventually provoke some. In truth, space is never neutral contrary to the injunctions of the white cube exhibition, which is in fact disjunctive. And if the notion of home is cracking, it is because we all come in with our dreams, our memories, our fantasies and even projections that can turn into anticipations. Brain and bedroom interchange with strangeness looming over and violence somehow tasting sweet.

Fabien Danesi

Fabien Danesi
  • Opening Thursday, December 7, 2017 6 PM → 9 PM
  • Closing Saturday, January 13, 2018 4 PM → 7 PM
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