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40mcube is an exhibition space and an office of organization for contemporary art projects, a structure for the production of works, a place for artists-in-residence program and a job training organization.

40mcube produces works, disseminates them through exhibitions or interventions in the public space, sets up artist-in-residence program, accompanies the commissioning of works. 40mcube sets up an educational program and works closely with the publics.
In addition to exhibitions in its own locations, 40mcube presents works in the public space and accompanies individuals, companies, administrations, communities, public and pri- vate institutions, etc., in the commission of works of art.
At the same time, 40mcube is implementing GENERATOR, a professionalization program aimed at young artists and young curators.

40mcube is contemporary art center, a workshop for the production of works of art, a place for artis-in-residence program, a job training organization and an office for the organization of contemporary art projects.

40mcube produces works, disseminates them through exhibitions or interventions in the public space, sets up artist-in-residence program, accompanies the commissioning of works. 40mcube aloso sets up an educational program and works closely with the publics.

40mcube occupies in Rennes a building that gathers a 170m² exhibition space, a production workshop, offices and meeting rooms. In Liffré, near Rennes, 40mcube has created the HubHug, a singular and experimental space of 200m² dedicated to artist-in-residence program and residencies for curators, studios, workshops, and exhibtion. This allows several forms of meetings with the publics.

The production of works
40mcube accompanies artists at every stage of the production of works of art and exhibitions: research, project writing, feasibility study, technical study, administrative and financial follow-up, production of works, quality control, installation, verification of technical conformity, presentation and mediation to the public. 40mcube brings its technical and artistic expertise, its know-how, and coordinates the custom-made realization of each project.

The production of exhibitions
Every year, 40mcube presents new exhibitions in its Rennes exhibition space. 40mcube also offers exhibitions in partner locations at local, national and international level: institutions, galleries, companies, local institutions, etc.

Works of art in the public space
In addition to exhibitions on its exhibition space and in partner places, 40mcube produces works intended to take place in the public space, allowing a simple, direct and friendly relationship between art, the city and citizens.

A sculpture park
On the vast natural area surrounding the HubHug building in Liffré, 40mcube has set up the HubHug Sculpture Project, a constantly evolving sculpture park that presents works directly on the ground or on the Rack, a monumental “shelf” for sculptures specially created for this purpose. This sculpture park is freely accessible 24/7.

40mcube accompanies groups of people — associations, companies, communities, individuals — who wish to order a work of art from an artist. 40mcube ensures the coordination of the commission in its various stages, contributes to the drafting of specifications, proposes an artist, participates in the search for financing, ensures the manufacture and implementation of the work. As such, 40mcube is a delegated producer under the New Patrons program of the Fondation de France.

Artist-in-residence program
40mcube welcomes artists in residence for a time of reflection, design, realization of their project and production of their works. Professional studios equipped with tools, machines and materials are at their disposal, offering a suitable environment for creation. In addition to the residences in its building in Rennes and Liffré, 40mcube implements residencies in schools, on the territory of Brittany and in companies.

Educational program
Each project developed by 40mcube is accompanied by the implementation of mediation actions that allow all audiences to be accompanied in the discovery of contemporary creation.
40mcube offers educational programs adapted to individuals or groups, school groups (from kindergarten to senior high school), leisure centres, students, elderly people, people with disabilities, works councils, etc.
40mcube carries out guided tours, descriptive and tactile tours, artist workshops in schools, exhibition discovery workshops, and creates privileged conditions for discovering the art of our time.

Training organization
In partnership with the École Européenne Supérieur d’Art de Bretagne and the company Self Signal, 40mcube has set up GENERATOR, a professional training program for young artists and curators. In order to bridge the gap between initial training and professionalization, this system offers artists, over a continuous period of seven months, training that allows them to develop their work, produce works and build a professional network. The curators, in residence for one month, discover the artistic scene in Brittany.

In partnership with the Archives de la critique d’art and the Archives départementales d’ Ille-et-Vilaine, 40mcube is developing Inventaire, a project that makes available to all archives of projects carried out since 2001. The hidden side of the exhibitions and the way in which they are constructed are thus made visible.

Commissioning of works or exhibitions, advice on setting up an exhibition or setting up a residence, acquisition of a work, training, privatization of spaces… 40mcube offers individuals, local authorities, companies, public or private establishments, persons exercising a liberal profession, different frameworks for collaboration with artists who adapt to the expectations of each individual.


Artistic director, curator: Anne Langlois
Production manager, in charge of the command: Patrice Goasduff
Executive assistant in charge of mediation, communication and press relations: Cyrille Guitard
GENERATOR Program Coordinator: Marion Resemann

40mcube — Rennes Independant
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48, avenue du Sergent Maginot

35000 Rennes

T. +33 2 90 09 64 11

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Wednesday – Saturday, 2 PM – 7 PM
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