Catherine Putman Gallery

The gallery Catherine Putman specializes in works on paper by contemporary artists, unique artwork, photography and prints.

It presents the following artists : Pierre Alechinsky, Arman, Geneviève Asse, Georg Baselitz, Pierre Buraglio, Balthasar Burkhard, Champion Métadier, Alain Clément, Pierre Courtin, Christo, Tony Cragg, Max Ernst, Asger Jorn, Sovann Kim, Urs Lüthi, Roberto Matta, Agathe May, Jean Messagier, Henri Michaux, Bernard Moninot, Alvaro Oyarzun, Carmen Perrin, Jean-Pierre Pincemin, Frédéric Poincelet, Man Ray, Sophie Ristelhueber, Markus Raetz, Georges Rousse, Antonio Saura, Pierre Tal coat, Jean Tinguely, Gérard Traquandi, Bram van Velde, Claude Viallat, Najia Mehadji.

The gallery Catherine Putman is a place enjoying an intimate atmosphere which is well suited for presentation of artwork on paper. It supports artists in their production of drawings, prints and photographies by exhibiting them at the gallery, at a number of art fairs and by publishing new editions of their work.

The gallery continues its involvement in the art publishing activities initiated by Jacques and Catherine Putman in the 1970s, together with the artists such as Pierre Alechinsky, Max Ernst, Bram van Velde, followed in the years 1990s and 2000s with Geneviève Asse, Georg Baselitz, Pierre Buraglio, Tony Cragg, Bertrand Lavier, Claude Viallat, etc. The work of the art publisher allows the gallery to disseminate quality work of prominent artists of the national and international scene among both art collectors and the wider public.

Catherine Putman died on January 2009 and Eleonore Chatin, her collaborator since the opening of the gallery, took over the responsibilities of the director. The gallery wishes to preserve its specificity by maintaining close relationships with its artists and by establishing new partnerships.

Catherine Putman Gallery Gallery
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40, rue Quincampoix

75004 Paris

T. 01 45 55 23 06 — F. 01 47 05 61 43


Opening hours

Tuesday – Saturday, 2 PM – 7 PM
Other times by appointment