Le Crédac, Centre d’art contemporain d’Ivry

Quick reflexes in terms of taking action, opportunity, certainly a great chance, born of the desire to see art live and develop in Ivry.

Credac, Ivry-sur-Seine’s center for art, first opened its doors in 1987 in the Jeanne Hachette Center, taking over a venue that was originally designed to be a cinema. Today the center has found a new home in an old factory complex, the Manufacture des Œillets. This remarkable building, emblematic of Ivry’s industrial activity in the last century, was acquired by the city in 2010 and is slated to become a public cultural venue soon.

Starting 15 September, on the third floor of the so-called American building, Mircea Cantor, an artist and citizen of the world, will be showing a number of works, most of which have been created especially for this show.

Later, in 2014, the Manufacture’s great main hall will become the permanent setting for the National Drama Center of Val-de-Marne. The National Drama Center is an undertaking that has been fostered and shepherded to completion over many long years by the Théâtre des Quartiers d’Ivry Company under the direction of Elisabeth Chailloux and Adel Hakim.

This miraculous opportunity, with Mircea Cantor leading the way in this new adventure, is also a pledge for one and all of our unfailing optimism.

Maybe overly so? Indeed the specifics of the center’s layout, while certainly exciting, were also extremely restrictive, making it hard, even impossible at times, to install certain pieces and projects, and thus favoring a certain type of exhibition. Credac’s staff, almost all of them fresh to the job, were eagerly looking to experience new possibilities, new types of display, to tangle with natural daylight and right-angled spaces, with great freedom in short.

We are extremely grateful to the Municipality of Ivry for offering us the chance today to discover those possibilities by making available the third floor of the “American building” at the Manufacture des Œillets, the industrial complex that is slated to become the National Drama Center of Val-de-Marne. Such an effort in favor of culture, in the times we are currently living through, is almost without precedent, and is all the more reason to thank both Pierre Gosnat, the Deputy Mayor of Ivry, for this highly symbolic gesture, and of course our faithful administrators and adherents, all of whom play an active part in the life of the center.

The building that we are taking over today is representative of the rational industrial architecture of the first third of the 20th century. It is almost the exact opposite of the one that has been our home to this point, yet its quality is equally remarkable. The beauty of its volumes and the generous natural lighting of its spaces, which visitors will now be able to appreciate for themselves, also allow those same visitors to discover from the gal- leries’ magnificent glass walls the city of Ivry and its evolving skyline. The “American architecture” lends a certain trans-Atlantic cachet to this site overlooking Ivry, recalling—relatively speaking—PS1 in New York or the buildings of art galleries in North America.

Other reference systems, other paths for artists to venture down, and other challenges to take up are sure to fall into place now and enable the center’s director, Claire Le Restif, who is very capably assisted by her staff, to push her exhibition program toward new hori- zons while preserving the logic, sensibility, manner and pedagogy she has accustomed us to.

Patrick Raynaud, President of Crédac
Le Crédac, Centre d’art contemporain d’Ivry Art center
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