Fondation Hippocrène

The Hippocrene Foundation is a state-approved independent family foundation whose main purpose is “to Live Europe” by developing stronger connections between young Europeans.

Supporting projects

The Foundation provides financial support to non-profit projects in various domains: culture and education as well as humanitarian and social action. The Foundation has chosen to minimize its operating costs so that more than 75% of its budget may be devoted to grants. Its assets come both from the returns on its own capital and from donations by individuals or companies. Some of the donations are allotted to specific projects by donors. The Foundation does not appeal to public funding.

Creating networks

Complementarily, the Hippocrene Foundation fosters meetings between young Europeans from different networks and backgrounds. Notably, its annual presentation of the exhibitions “Propos d’Europe” has led to the emergence of a network of European artists. The Foundation also contributes to meetings between European actors from civil society by encouraging European associations to combine their efforts when working on common project objectives.

Acting with partners

In order to broaden the range of its activities, the Hippocrene Foundation has created the “Circle of Hippocrene’s Friends” (le Cercle des amis d’Hippocrene) and has become a sheltering Foundation. In addition, the Foundation initiates projects with partners that share its objectives, such as the Evens Foundation, the Karolyi Foundation, the Paris House of Europe (la Maison de l’Europe de Paris) and the Paris Office of Education (le rectorat de Paris)

Educating youth about Europe

In 2010, the Foundation made it a priority to help educate young people about Europe, and created the Hippocrene Prize for Education about Europe. We believe that teaching about Europe, mobility, exchanges and common projects are the best means for young people to gain a sense of belonging to a common body and to awaken their sense of European citizenship.

Fondation Hippocrène Foundation
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