Maëlle Galerie

Launched in 2012 in Paris, the Maëlle Galerie, serves as a federating platform for new contemporary artistic practices. Its wish is to introduce, promote, and support emerging and established artists, in a national and international level. Through the artists it represents, the gallery hopes to achieve a kind of “affirmed multifarious consistency.” Also conscious of the fact that the art world forever renews its actors, la Maëlle Gallery, specialized in contemporary art, is gazing upon the Caribbean artists who open and turn upside down all the fields of the possible.
The gallery has a careful eye on the young and famous names from the West Indies.

Maëlle Galerie Gallery
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1-3 rue Ramponeau

75020 Paris

T. 06 14 80 42 00


Opening hours

Tuesday – Saturday, 2 PM – 7 PM
Other times by appointment

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