Olivier Robert Gallery

Galerie Olivier Robert stands for art with conceptual aspirations or delved into the depths of realism. The artists it represents, whether emerging or highly recognized in the art circles, all share a similar approach to art. Oblique or diagonal, the paths all lead to the same shared vision, a sense of history to illuminate the future.

Co-director of Galerie Alain Le Gaillard from 2001 to 2007, Olivier Robert decided to open his own space in the heart of the Marais in Paris in 2008. He did so in order to develop his view on art by promoting a core of national and international artists that he has regularly and drastically increased over the years. The gallery is now a singular entity, consistent and united, that provides a constant field of freedom to the development of ideas and focused on the realization of their forms.

Olivier Robert Gallery Gallery
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5, rue des Haudriettes

75003 Paris

T. 01 43 25 31 87


Hôtel de Ville

Opening hours

Tuesday – Saturday, 2 PM – 7 PM
Other times by appointment

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