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Founded in the 20th district of Paris in 2007 before moving to the Marais area in 2011, Semoise from the outset established itself in the artistic landscape as a gallery having first and foremost an interest in exhibiting French art. Established artists (Françoise Pétrovitch, Earnest T) and younger artists (Amélie Bertrand, Laurent Le Dunff, documentation céline duval, Hippolyte Hentgen and Julien Tiberi) have been shown alongside historic figures (Présence Panchounette and André Raffray) and artists of international repute (Piero Gilardi and Steve Giankanos).

Many institutions and public collections have formed durable links with artists represented by the gallery and regularly exhibit and collect their oeuvres. 

In close to ten years of existence, Semiose gallery has always strived to promote an aesthetic based on questions of taste and by extension cultural hierarchies. Techniques such as collage, (mis)appropriation and subversion are shared by many of our artists as well as a convergent interest in figuration, referencing the realities of an everyday world.  Above all, humour, derision and a certain poetry of the absurd are common features.   

Whether within the gallery or at fairs and salons, the exhibition space is subject to a great deal of thought concerning design: the décor of both walls and floor space contribute to the projection of the oeuvres within the rooms of an enthusiast, a bourgeois interior, a disco club or a refined museum. 

Since passion exists to be shared, Semiose gallery also distributes its activities through a publishing house: Semiose éditions, and an e-commerce site: Prints, Things and Books, specializing in multiples, objects and contemporary art publications. 

Semiose Gallery Gallery
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44, rue Quincampoix

75004 Paris

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Tuesday – Saturday, 11 AM – 7 PM
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