Study of a Territory


Photography, mixed media

Study of a Territory

Past: October 27 → November 26, 2011

Galerie de Roussan presents Study of a Territory, a group show with Ghislain Amar, Pablo Cavero and Hannah Wade. Conceived and curated by Thomas Arsac, this exhibition presents four young artists whose practice has been inspired by travelling abroad to live in a new territory.

First of all there is a physical experience: the body and senses seek to assimilate a new environment; then comes cultural and intellectual comprehension. The artist confronts their world, their habits and their daily life in that new land. A language, the cities, the habits… an alternate culture has to be apprehended. A different world offers new perspectives. Then comes the question of how the discovery of a new territory or a new space might influence artistic practice.

As Paul Gaugin changed his colours while he travelled to Polynesia, or just as the Beatles captured new sounds from the music of India, each artist finds new solutions for their practice in photography, painting, sculpture or sound installation. Beyond Brian O’Doherty’s ‘white cube,’ or in their own studio, these artists intellectually convey emotions and senses to present us with an observation of our way of life. They remind us that before any artistic production there is first a feeling, and that it is sometimes useful to leave one’s own country and encounter new perspectives to better grasp the origins of artistic practice.

Young artist based in the Netherlands for 4 years, Ghislain Amar has crossed the Netherlands every weekend by train and inch hiking towards every border cities of the country. From photography, he developed his work on other media such as sculpture and sound installation. At last, we discover the artist expressing his experimental feelings through different works. This is the first exhibition of his work in Paris.

Hannah Wade was born in the USA and lived in several countries. From her different travels, she brings her observation of the world, the one she built, the one of a young woman that tries to place her artistic work in a continuing moving land. She observes the landscapes and expresses her feelings. After many exhibitions in London, her last pieces are presented in France for the first time.

Pablo Cavero lives and works in Paris. Based on a scientific approach, he uses different media to express his view of the world. His photography becomes painting, the painting becomes light and the canvas becomes screen. During his trip to Los Angeles, Pablo Cavero archived his observations. Today, he presents the landscapes he saw from his eyes, so that no one would be able to see it in his way.

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The artists

  • Ghislain Amar
  • Pablo Cavero
  • Hannah Wade